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Over 15,000 experts have taken part in European Development Days since its inception.

From Heads of State to community service officers, Nobel laureates to project managers, everyone has a voice at European Development Days. At every level, participants, moderators and panellists from all corners of the world can put forward ideas and examine creative solutions to shared problems.


Each year, European Development Days attracts about 7 000 participants from over 140 countries, representing 1 200 organisations from the field of development cooperation, human rights and humanitarian aid. In bringing together the global development community, the European Union also engages political leaders, development practitioners, the private sector and civil society in shaping the EU’s policies for tackling poverty worldwide. Everyone is given a voice in this open, collaborative and inclusive platform.

The forum thus demonstrates the willingness of the European Commission to create a true spirit of partnership with all development professionals and foster a sense of community.

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