Hope emerged in Diaki village through use of improved stoves and solar panels

Installing solar panels and improved stoves at Diaki Village, Kongo Central, in Democratic Republic of Congo

The village of Diaki, in Kasangulu in Kongo Central, few kilometers of Kinshasa DRC, lives actually with pleasure the experimentation of installation of solar panels and of use of improved stoves. To achieve this, the ACDD NGO with its partners: CBR + UN REDD +, SGP_DRC of UNDP and NGO SAVE THE CLIMAT, focused their work on an electrical solutions by installing solar panels in pilot houses  and by training villagers in improved stoves manufacturing to reduce human pressure on the forest, Wood consumption and then the village Economy savings by presence of renewable electricity. The project aimed of experimentation at scale of local communities in activities reducing deforestation and forest degradation. Total Project cost: USD 50.000,00

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