Addressing inequalities through territorial inclusive governance

What are the strengths and challenges of sub-national governments and territorial policy making to address inequalities ?

Lab debate
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
14:45 to 16:00

Rapid urbanisation generates a concentration of economic activities and increases the social, environmental and governance pressure on territories. At stake is an uneven development, with growing socio-spatial inequalities risking to erode social cohesion. Subnational governments are key to address inequalities as drivers of multilevel and multi-actor coherence that leads to more equitable service delivery at territorial scale. Inequalities are therefore tackled by taking into account the functional areas of the territory and by articulating the demands and strengths of territorial players, including the civil society. 

This lab debate will showcase concrete experiences from municipalities and regions in Albania, Lebanon, Zambia and Spain that are building innovative strategies to tackle territorial challenges regarding equall access to basic services and social cohesion.

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