Mobile technology is revolutionising healthcare in Africa. What can Europe learn from Africa?

Providing families in Africa with access to health insurance and quality healthcare through Health Connect, a peer-to-peer giving platform

Health Connect, together with Astra Zeneca and PharmAccess, will discuss its innovative digital health financing platform that facilitates solidarity payments for health insurance directly to mothers and families in Africa. AstraZeneca deploys the mobile platform to enable staff to financially support families and matches this funding. Speakers will present how this innovative health financing mechanism can be leveraged within corporate social responsibility strategies and its potential as a tool for public-private partnerships. This session will also explore the value of direct peer-to-peer health insurance funding in Africa to accelerate financial protection for the informal sector and support governments to achieve universal health coverage.

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Kwasi Boahene
Director Advocacy
PharmAccess Group
Anouk Aarts
Senior Policy Advisor
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands
Mary Asantewaa Anane Sarpong
Quality Officer
PharmAccess Group
Ashling Mulvaney
Charlotte EJM Wilming
Project Director HealthConnect
PharmAccess Group