Flexible skills development for vulnerable young people

Innovative approaches to increase technical and vocational education and training and labour market access among young women, youth with disabilities and rural youth

Lab debate
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
09:00 to 10:15

Globally 71 million young people are unemployed. The International Labour Organization estimates that 156 million young people are living in poverty, even though they are employed. Young women, disabled youth and those in rural areas are disproportionately represented in these statistics. If not accompanied by economic opportunities, investments made in young people’s health, education, training, civic participation and access to technology are unsustainable. Participants will discuss strategies to address the individual and socioeconomic contexts in which vulnerable young people live to facilitate effective economic inclusion and decent work opportunities.

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Aubert Ouango
Program Manager
Belinda Hall
Managing Director
Addax and Oryx Foundation
Minke van Rees
Program director Education
Turing Foundation
Lara Hager
Partnerships Development Manager
Voluntary Services Overseas
Moses Chibwana
Director DAPP Mikolongwe Vocational School
Humana People to People