Promoting gender equality through culture and creativity

Fostering synergies between the creative sectors and gender-related strategies to reduce inequalities and create peaceful societies

Brainstorming lab
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
10:00 to 11:15

Multistakeholder cooperation can tackle inequalities through holistic and human-centered approaches. Following the launch of a Call to Action during EDD18 to foster synergies between gender empowerment and culture strategies in and for cooperation for development, this session brings together stakeholders from other fields – education, health, the private sector and territorial development – to exchange views on the Call to Action's recommendations. They will share their insights on the cultural dimension of gender inequalities through broader and transectorial perspectives to follow up on the Call to Action, mainstream its recommendations and foster new policies and projects.

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Valeria Marcolin
Co-director of Culture et Développement
Culture et Développement
Rosanna Lewis
Senior Programme Manager, Culture and Development
British Council
Teresa Badia
Secretary General
Culture Action Europe
Davide Grosso
Project Manager
IMC (International Music Council)
Farai Mpfunya
Executive Director
Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust