Meeting a new generation of social changemakers

Seven years of fostering youth entrepreneurship in the MENA and West Africa regions

For the last seven years, Institut français has been supporting young entrepreneurs who are a driving force for democratic change in the Middle East and North Africa region and West Africa. With a bottom-up approach and targeting mainly Base of the Pyramid entrepreneurs, the Institut designed two incubation programmes to tackle inequalities – SafirLab and AyadaLab. EDD19 is an opportunity to showcase some of the most innovative projects that have been supported by the programmes, obtain valuable on-the-ground advice from them and share the expertise of key actors from the field. Three main questions will be debated: How can we change the narrative on social innovation? How can we support today's committed youth? How do we ensure the ecosystem is able to rise to the challenge?

Key points

During the session, our speaker Samir Abdelkrim announced exclusively the third edition of EMERGING Valley, scheduled to take place in AIx-Marseille, France, on 3-5 December 2019.

This new edition will build bridges between the ecosystems of the European and African continents thanks to a partnership with the General Directorate of Research & Innovation of the European Commission for the new programme “Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership”.

It will gather dozens of incubators and innovation stakeholders - including SafirLab's and AyadaLab's stakeholders.

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Marianne Vidal-Marin
Program Officer
Institut Français
Fatimah Salim Nasr
Christian Jekinnou
Innovation Africa
Rachid Abidi
Laboratoire de l'Economie Sociale et Solidaire
Fatima Saar
CEO Associate
Ateliers des Genies Sas
Samir Abdelkrim
Emerging Valley