Due diligence for the defenders of global goods and commons

Women behind environmental justice in Latin American countries

The pressure on natural resources, water and territory, has forced an increasing number of people, communities, ancestral organisations and civil society organisations to denounce human rights violations, derived especially from large-scale investments by companies, some of European origin. In 2017, more than 300 Human Rights Defenders were killed and at least 84 %received a death threat. Human Rights Defenders work in an especially hostile environment, vulnerable to actions of criminalisation, prosecution and direct repression. Women are particularly vulnerable. They have stronger relationships with natural resources and suffer from the effects of large investments, which can lead to greater labour exploitation, economic and labour gender inequalities.

Organised by


Nele Meyer
Amnesty International
Almudena Moreno
Responsible on local development
Alianza por la Solidaridad
Ana Rutilia Ical
Woman Human Rights Defender
Alianza por la Solidaridad
Elena Salgado Rodriguez
Observatorio de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa
Adriana Espinosa González
Policy Officer
European Coalition for Corporate Justice
Sonia Sanchéz
Woman Human Rights Defender
Movimiento de mujeres de Santo Tomás