5-6 JUNE 2018 / Tour & Taxis / Brussels

Women in tech salon - connecting women entrepreneurs from Mediterranean countries

Why would a woman start a tech business, and how is it done in practice? What are the advantages for an investor to fund a woman led tech startup? What would empower capable women to take the leap?

Brainstorming lab
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
09:00 to 10:15

The southern Mediterranean region is closely linked to the EU not only geographically but also culturally and economically. The session aims at stimulating a first-of-its-kind discussion between a mixed audience of entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers from Mediterranean countries around the opportunities and barriers women tech entrepreneurs are facing when trying to setup/run a business in their countries. It will look into finding commonalities and differences in their experiences with the aim of identifying solutions to overcome them.

We invite you to fill-in a quick SURVEY which aims at collecting some information regarding the existing initiatives and activities in the region as to help running an informed discussion

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Chris Burns