5-6 JUNE 2018 / Tour & Taxis / Brussels

Gender in migration policy-making: between protection and empowerment

The Migration EU eXpertise (MIEUX) Initiative and its 10 years of experience in crafting migration policies

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018
09:30 to 10:45

Can migration policies protect and empower the estimated 122 million women migrants and 10 million women and girl refugees worldwide? Why do some migration policies include gender dimension and others do not? Since 2009, the Joint EU-ICMPD MIgration EU eXpertise (MIEUX) Initiative has supported more than 30 countries in the Global South to develop migration policies. This session will bring together three speakers from MIEUX Actions in Costa Rica, Madagascar and Sierra Leone, along with DG DEVCO, taking stock of how policy-making links migration and gender, debating whether it addresses the needs and aspirations of migrant women and girls and providing recommendations for future gender-sensitive policies against the backdrop of the UN Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees.

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Malin Elisabeth Frankenhaeuser
Head of Policy
International Centre for Migration Policy Development
Lanto Rahajarizafy
Director in charge of the Diaspora
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Madagascar
Ana Isabel Garcia
Executive Director
Fundación Género y Sociedad
Joseph Teye
University of Ghana
Camilla Hagstrom
Deputy Head of Unit
European Commission - DG for International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO)