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Women and politics

Women have increased their visibility as heads of state and government and as members of parliament in many parts of the world.

But in some socioeconomic groups, sectors and countries, women may be unable to take advantage of new opportunities for political power because of factors like insufficient opportunities offered by political parties, threats of violence and harassment, or because of time-consuming domestic commitments.

This makes it important for donors, governments and activists to continue to promote equal opportunities within political parties and other actors, the fight against stereotyped and gender-blind political programmes, as well as their support for independent women's organisations including those with strong local bases.

Women leaders could improve the legislation to promote more gender sensitive initiatives, for instance improving the number, quality of and access to childcare facilities, punishing perpetrators of gender based violence and challenging stereotyping and gender based discrimination.

That, in turn, can foster an environment more amenable to female participation in economy, public life and decision-making.