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Digitalisation offers women and girls new pathways for social and economic progress, contributing to their financial empowerment and independence, ensuring a better work-life balance, and amplifying their voices in the world.

Mobile devices and information technology are enablers for sustainable development and job creation as they lower barriers to mobility, provide direct access to agricultural markets, and are likely to be sources of future employment as work turns increasingly automated. Digital solutions are key in addressing local challenges and needs, and can be an opportunity for new entrepreneurial and innovative approaches with women being highly involved.

The lack of connectivity and skills, and the high costs, are only some of the factors, especially in Africa, making these technologies too hard to access for a majority of girls and women.

Yet digitalisation also presents new threats.

Social media, for example, often reinforces discriminatory norms and frameworks that undermine the goal of gender equality. Safety and security in the cyberspace are therefore of mounting importance.