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Investing in the women of tomorrow

Adolescence is a pivotal decade, not only a time of vulnerabilities for girls but mainly of opportunities. Investing in them can accelerate the fight against poverty, inequity and gender discrimination. Unlocking their full potential will enable girls to be tomorrow's political leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists or heads of households and so much more, contributing to stronger and brighter societies.

Enabling girls to acquire the education, skills and self-confidence to take leadership roles and make their voices heard at all levels of society requires a concerted effort across all age groups.

Gender stereotypes must be challenged and perceptions in the norm that girls are less valuable than boys tackled.

Governments can remove additional obstacles by making long-term commitment for girls education, ending harmful practices (early and child marriage, female genital mutilation/cutting, son's preference at birth), curbing transmission of diseases like HIV and ensuring girls' full promotion of sexual and reproductive health and rights.