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Decent work, fair treatment

Women are participating in the economy in greater numbers and they hold an enormous economic potential, but they continue to lag their male counterparts when it comes to opportunities for economic empowerment, equal salaries or leadership positions; this hurts the wider economy.

Investing in women it is not only matter of human rights and social justice but also one of 'smart economy', that allows to benefit from their talent and resourcefulness. Women's equal participation in the economy, in the value chains and trade bring back benefits to the entire society.

There is a need to support comprehensive strategies to address the main barriers for women's economic empowerment. Studies show how women economic empowerment and gender equality result, among others, in political and social stability, increased labour productivity, higher returns and catalyse wider social and financial inclusion.

Hindrances to women’s advancement and their economic empowerment takes many forms and expressions; persisting limitations in access to finance, education, property rights, gender stereotyping, limited access to affordable childcare of good quality, lack of social protection and last but not least intimidation, coercion and sexual violence at the workplace.