18-19 JUNE 2019 / Tour & Taxis / Brussels

"Sight-by-side: One country, two perspectives" - DG DEVCO

2 photographers, 1 Ugandan and one EU national, travelled together through Uganda and present their two perspectives of inequalities in this country.
Inequalities may take many shapes and forms, shedding light on these can be the first step to reduce them. 2 young photographers, one EU and one Ugandan national, were paired up through to travel to Uganda and to develop two individual portraits of inequalities in this diverse country. How far apart are their perceptions? How much did these change throughout this journey? There pictures are now displayed side-by-side including captions and quotes about their journey and perceptions. You will also be able to meet the photographers at the exhibit.
What is Sight-by-side? Sight-by-side brings together voices and views of young Africans and Europeans to create dialogue and breakdown stereotypes through art and media projects that aim to promote a more diverse image of African countries.

Zone Exhibition 9 and 10