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Reaching out to women in fragility contexts: Why and how?

Reaching out to women in fragility contexts: Why and how?

Involving women and girls in difficult contexts of interventions. Why and how? Views and examples from NGOs, researchers and donors.

Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 15:15 to 16:30
Development actors face the necessity to increasingly intervene in fragile contexts, responding to crises and preventing new ones. Fragility can result in simplifying ongoing projects, sometimes at the expense of the gender dimension. Women and girls are the most vulnerable populations in a crisis and fragility context. How can we adopt a gender-sensitive approach in fragile states to ensure a long-term impact in the reconstruction process? This EDD brainstorming lab will be a precious opportunity to reopen the debate on the responsibilities of donors and partner countries. Innovative initiatives targeting women and girls as co-beneficiaries are being implemented in a number of countries. This session will allow participants to share and capitalise upon the learnings of these pilot initiatives and draw best practices from them.

Organised by

    Hiba Qasas
    Chief of Crisis Prevention, Preparedness and Response
    Farahnaz Ghodsinia
    EDD Young Leader, Philippines
    Marleen Bosmans
    Expert Human Rights & Gender
    Belgian Development Agency
    Jane Freedman
    Université Paris 8
    Ndeye Sow
    Senior Gender Adviser – Africa Programme
    International Alert
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