7-8 JUNE 2017 / Tour & Taxis / Brussels

'Post-It to Myself' – Dispelling the equality feud between the sexes

'Post-It to Myself' – Dispelling the equality feud between the sexes

Engaging men – younger and older – in a conversation towards a more equal world, based on the current imbalance of gender equality

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Youth Lounge
Thursday, June 8, 2017 -
10:00 to 10:30

This activity is an interactive one dissipating knowledge, augmenting awareness, measuring mind sets and forging male champions for the future. Engaging a dialogue between young boys and older men. Letters to Myself ‘s activity will not only galvanize a global drive towards questioning the status quo and establishing a new gender equal world, free of discrimination, unconscious biases and stereotypes, but also open-up an opportunity for reflection-from the pledge taker and his male or female peers.

1 - Interactive – Present 5 continuum statements pertaining to gender equality requesting personal opinions on these statements. Present options - Agree, Disagree or I don’t know. Participants to provide gender and age. (This allow us to take a poll on mind-sets within different age groups relating to these statements)

2 - Through the use of audio and visual tools and advertisements get the audience/participants to explore and think about how we understand unconscious biases and prejudice connecting that to gender biases. (Bitesize images and videos of facts, policies, advertisements and common sayings compiled in 45 seconds - 1 minute video.)

3 - Write 5 bullet points on - personal life actions already taken or intend on taking to achieve gender equality (Past, present and future)

4 - Make a pledge – attached to the action point raised

5 - Draw outline of palm on cloth which will be hung in the backdrop, Write pledge, name and age next to outline.

6 - Short video - Hi my name is…. Today I learnt… and I pledge to…

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