5-6 JUNE 2018 / Tour & Taxis / Brussels

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Sustainable soil management: the foundation for Africa's future?

Sustainable soil management: the foundation for Africa's future?

The benefits to society and the planet of a holistic approach to soils

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 18:00 to 19:15
Soil is at the heart of agriculture. Africa's fertile soils are under threat, especially due to climate change and poor land management. Nutrient and soil organic matter depletion, together with soil erosion, worsen the effect of climate change and decrease the resilience of the land. The answer lies in the large-scale adoption, both at policy and practical levels, of guidelines for sustainable soil management, including integrated soil fertility management, in conjunction with climate-safe agriculture, for example, intercropping and agroforestry. The session will assess systematic challenges and obstacles facing both solutions in their attempts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring food security and rural development, and providing increased resilience to climate change.

Organised by

    Arwyn Jones
    European Commission Scientific Officer / Project Leader
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